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The journey of this project began when Adams Media approached Jen about a new book they were seeking an author for.  It needed to be a book aimed at new families that shared information and experiences.  The publisher had come across DSDN and Unexpected and thought we might be a good fit. The catch- there was a tight timeline involved.  Barnes and Noble wanted books on the shelf by 2016.  This conversation began in March. I felt this would be an awesome opportunity, but I could never do it all alone.


I had the good fortune to "meet" Mardra online and then in real life that year and I just *knew* she would be a perfect fit.  She had experience in the form of an older child with Ds and I just loved her writing style. I asked, she said yes and the deal was done! A few short weeks later, we somehow had a completed manuscript (that didn't totally suck!). By end of year, our work was (mostly) done and the book hit the shelves. Review are in and parents are finding it fills a great need. FANTASTIC NEWS!! The wild ride continues....


Sure, I was shocked and scared when three hours into my official motherhood I heard the phrase “Down syndrome.” However, no label could ever ever overpower the connection between us, my son and me. I was a mother. His mother. The world became ours in that moment. —Ms 


I would never have guessed that having a child with Down syndrome would change my life in so many incredible ways.  Life is, of course about the journey for our children, but also so much about our often-parallel journey alongside them. —Jen








About The Parent's Guide To Down Syndrome....

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