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The journey of this project began a year ago when Owen was just a few months old.  Upon meeting hundreds of mothers and families from around the world in the Down syndrome community, several things became clear:


  • There were far more commonalities than differences in our experiences

  • Having each other for support was critical in our path to acceptance


If we did not have each other and noticed all the common threads of our receiving a new diagnosis for Down syndrome, we would have struggled.


My dear friend from across the pond, Joelle, and I came upon an idea to DO SOMETHING. We weren't quite sure what it was, but we felt a strong desire to share our experiences in order to help families not feel alone as they began a journey we were now on the other side of.  We wanted to be real. We wanted to share advice, information and feeling.  We wanted others to see the roller coaster that often accompanies this diagnosis.  No, it is not all rainbows and unicorns, but in the end there is an awesome new member of your family that you would not trade for anything.  And, although it takes time, you will get there. 


We sincerely hope in sharing our stories that you, too, will find your own path to acceptance as you welcome your child with a little something extra.


~ Jen and Joelle






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